Old Horn Tooth & The June Doom Challenge

So I have decided to purchase every album posted to Doom Charts for June in one format or another whether it’s a digital download, cassette, or vinyl. It so important we keep this community alive. There are a lot of great Doom/Stoner-Rock musicians out there right now making great music.

My first purchase was Old Horn Tooth’s From The Ghost Grey Depths. I got the digital version because everything else was sold out. $5 US dollars got me the digital version off of Bandcamp. The cassettes look cool as fuck and hopefully we get a vinyl release of a full length effort later. These guys are a London based Doom/Stoner Metal/Noise power trio.

The first track, She is Risen is 13 minuteA and 10 seconds a slow build toward a blow your fucking face off riffery. It’s like sitting on the banks of a cold sludge infested river. The tension builds to fever pitch anxiety and culminates in some tremendous opening riffs. The songs certainly beckons you to the forest’s edge. You quickly want to look in but curiosity keeps you waiting. The doom finally arrives with haunting precision. The track draws you in just as the madness seeps from her eyes. The guys spin a folkloric tale throughout the lyrics. What is most impressive is the build to the Ed Mundellish/Tommy Bolin phase effect that weaves its way in the latter part of the song. Early Bitchwax fans would enjoy this display. It’s almost sinister flux leading into the powerhouse riffs that make the song so enjoyable. The torture and madness deep in her eyes gives the haunting track its well deserved conclusion. The tracks blend nicely as they phase into each other not really noticing a change from one to the next.

Follow the Demon is another 13 plus minute track following the powerful She is Risen. Another dredge sweeping and slow creeping opener that will blow your subs if not careful. These guys can certainly bring the ferocity of drudge. We meet Old Horn Tooth in the first track and now we are following through the thicket. Apparently we are heading into the pit of eternal decay. Which I would image sucking. This track has woodland adventures all over it. Now we are departing and we are back to ourselves. Death pulls us under as we slip away. Close your eyes while you listen to this track and you can picture the horror these fellas bring. A Supernautish turn around about a quarter way through gives you hope that Old Horn Tooth will rise again. The bass and guitar come back to the forefront with some clean tone rotating speaker effects. But it doesn’t take long for death to come creeping back in and we are back to full sludge. Its worth giving this song another spin as you try to decipher the lyrics.

Old Horn Tooth begins the slide into noise. But there is no complaining as the doom quickly enters. The dark melody pounds similar to an early Kyuss jam hearkening back to the days of Blues for the Red Sun. The vocals kick in about the 3:20 mark and howl as the deeps woods close in on Ghost Grey Depths. Old Horn Tooth is repeated in the chorus followed by pounding drums and bass. This would be an awesome live track. A nice banger drowning in ice black depths. After the second chorus the song really kicks into overdrive. A dark sludgy solo quick and to the point follows. But that is not the end. The breakdown really brings the dirge and the bass really comes through, the drums compliment it well. The effects are alive and well into the latter portion of the song. Some fuzzed out wah work that leads into a tempo change to the main riff. This track really jams and would certainly be worth downing a couple pints and repeating head nods.

The final track is an experiment in noise. It is called Grief. It explores the so called “griefcase of effects.” It is a pretty engaging listen. Clocking in at 11 minutes and 34 seconds, it is certainly a different and haunting move. It was like we were searching for something in the Ghost Grey Depths and found this noise treat. Bells sounds ring out in hopes that the guy from Phantasm will not show up with his silver fucking ball. There is a sense of void nearing the middle of the track like you floating weightless but quickly fused in this electric force-field. Hopefully it’s cleansing your soul from the dark dredge you just waded through.

The first release is a power display of dark artistry. The first 3 tracks are old fashioned doom bangers for sure. The final track is an adventure all its own. I dare you to take this trip on whatever you choose. You wont need much of whatever as it could lead you somewhere you don’t want to be. I was drawn to these guys most of all from the recent doom charts because of the weirdness they explore. The first track draws you into the others and the final track will leave you begging for a hasty escape from the mental mindfuck it will give you. Hello can I come back. Moreover, Old Horn Tooth From the Ghost Grey Depths will leave you wanting more from this group and if they play their cards right doomsters will be waiting with their wallets open begging for more.


  1. Holy crap man. You are doing the lords work here. Thanks so much for following the Doom Charts and this is awesome man. We all do our part to keep the scene alive and spread the gospel. This is so cool man.

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  2. This sounds awesome. Listening now. I too want to buy each release on the Doomcharts one month. I think I did 2 from this month. Canyons by Slomatics and Valley of The Sun’s new one. I think I need to slow down (pun intended) on the purchases however, I also bought DVNE’s Asheran cause I had forgotten how much I wanted to buy that too. I think I will by the end of the year have more Doom vinyl than any other genre. Long live the long riffs.

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